Creative Group Projects

From time to time Marion art Group organizes group projects for it’s members to participate in.


40 year Celebration Compilation Paintings (2018)

Our members were invited to contribute to two large pieces, one a watercolour/pen and wash, the other an acrylic/oil/pastel. Forty small 200 x 100 mm paintings were completed, each in the unique style of the artist. The small paintings were then arranged in a tile-like pattern on each large piece.

Group framer, Mark Broadbent,  cleverly adhered the small paintings to MDF board and completed the framing.

Members were delighted with the results. It is hoped that the two impressive pieces  have historical significance for future memberships.


Jigsaw Paintings (2017)

Our creative group project this year was a revisit of our 2015 ‘Jig-saw’ project, but this time with a more difficult brief. Using unforgiving watercolours and difficult to handle pastels our brave MAG members tackled the two part project with enthusiasm. Our results were impressive and the photos included provided the evidence.

Participants really did manage to match colours and simulate the technique of the original artist to make their individual ‘jig-saw’ shapes an accurate copy. Copying the Masters is a time honoured practice for effective learning. Our participants certainly felt that they have learnt much from analysing and copying their piece(s) of the jigsaw.

Many thanks to Glenys Brokenshire and Rae Newton for organising the project. A special thanks to Mark Broadbent for providing the clever framing of the two pieces at a very low cost.

Jigsaw Paintings (2015)

Two prints of a masters’ paintings were sliced up into different shaped pieces along with canvas boards matching in size. Various art group members reproduced the print image onto the canvas boards and then all the pieces were secured to wooden boards.

Stobie Poles (2014)

In 2014 quite a few members participated in painting panels that were placed on local stobie poles. These panels were themed based on the locale surrounding the hall and 10 stobie poles were decorated on both sides, helping to beautify the local area.


Indigenous Art (2011)

Marion Art Group’s first group project was inspired by a visit from an Indigenous artist, Max Mansell who came to the group, demonstrated, and spoke about Indigenous art.  Max explained the significance of various symbols unique and special to Australian Indigenous art.

In a later visit he brought a large black canvas on which he painted the central aboriginal symbol for campfire or home. Our members then painted their hands and ‘made their mark’ in this way to the canvas. We then completed the painting with dots patterns which Max said were not exclusive to Indigenous artists, but seen in art worldwide. This artwork represents our art group in this community. The following image is the finished artwork.

Indigenious-Art copyright logo

Indigenous art by Max Mansel