Supported Charities

Over the years Marion Art Group has had a practice of giving support to various charities. This has developed into our current policy of selecting a particular charity or cause to support each year. At each of our exhibitions we raffle a painting which has been donated by one of our members, and the total raised goes to our nominated charity.

2020/21 Supported Charity

2020 is the year of the Lion. ‘Lion Hearts Early Education’ provides pre school oncology children with a free, safe, supportive learning environment, to prepare them for school. We are very pleased to be able to provide this wonderful local organisation with some financial support from our fund-raising activities this year.

A majority of our efforts took place in 2021 when we organised a trading table of art materials and books. This led to a project conceived by member Peter Heinjus to make small portable desk easels for members to buy, with all proceeds to go to Lion Hearts.

At the 2021 AGM, Lion Hearts was presented with a cheque for $1000. At the same time, four paintings by our members were also presented for Lion Hearts to raffle or auction on line, to add to the donation.

2019: Supported Charity

This year our chosen charity was the ‘Muddy Puddles Foundation’ which supports South Australian children fighting chronic and complex bowel and bladder conditions requiring surgical interventions.  The Foundation provides support to affected children, parents, carers and siblings.  Our fund raising efforts were very successful, Many thanks to Lee-Anne Kling, Lyn Thomas and Liz Maxted for donating their paintings for raffle, throughout the year. We were able to contribute the wonderful sum of $2,500 to Muddy Puddles. Treasurer and admin manager, Kay Hague, is pictured below presenting a mock cheque to Lauren Fletcher from Muddle Puddles.

muddy puddles presentation
2018: Supported Charity

We have enoyed another successful year of fundraising at our exhibitions, this time for Diabetes SA. Paintings by Linda Huppatz, Lynne Wong , Kerry Bond, Jean Beddison and Nick Tsatsaronis were donated for raffle throughout the year.

Thanks to our 5 generous artists and our diligent members, who sold raffle tickets to the supportive public, we donated $1500 to Diabetes SA. We presented the cheque to  Diabetes SA’s Scott Mates at our Christmas lunch at the Marino Community Hall on the 3rd December.

                           Donating artists Linda Huppatz, Lynne Wong, Jean Beddison with                                                 Scott Mates from Diabetes SA, and President Jim Green.                                  ( donating artists Nick Tsatsaronis and Kerry Bond absent)

2017: Supported Charity

We supported Grow SA in 2017. Paintings by Liz Maxted, Kay Hague and Maggie Turner were donated for raffle at our exhibitions.

We also ran a trading table throughout October at our studio sessions. Our members supported this idea and as a result we were able to donate a total of $1500 at the end of the year. 

The photo shows Jim Green presenting our donation to Grow SA’s Shirley Ballantine and  Manager Daryl Ballistrin.

P1090802 (2)

2016: Supported Charity

The Marion art group chose to support autismSA in 2016. A painting by Kerry Bond in her ‘Red umbrella series was raffled at our first exhibition in March held at Noarlunga Colonnades. At our exhibition at Hallett Cove shopping centre in May / June, the raffle painting by Mary Smith was of the Hallett Cove beach. For our final exhibition of the year at Westfield Marion, Anne Bates donated a water-colour of an Australian outback scene.
For the first time we ran a dedicated fund-raising event on the weekend of the 13th and 14th August at the Marino community hall. The 27 donated paintings for silent auction or the two raffles were a reflection of how willing our members were to offer their time, effort and skill for this event.
Marion art group members worked very hard to make the weekend fund-raising effort a successful venture. The outcome was worthwhile, not only financially, but also in raising MAG’s profile and standing in our community. Autism S.A was most impressed with our effort to make a difference to the autistic community.
We were able to present $4,050.00 to Autism S.A at the end of the year.


Vice president Jim Green presenting our donation to Autism S.A acting CEO, Louise Davies.

2015: Supported Charity

In 2015 we chose to support Parkinsons SA. At our Pasadena Green exhibition Jim Green donated the raffle painting. The painting for our exhibition at the Colonnades Noarlunga shopping centre was donated by Robert Richardson. Shirley Page donated the painting for our exhibition at Westfield Marion. We are grateful to these artists for donating their work to be used for the raffles. The combined sum of money raised in 2015 was $1,300.00 and the committee thanks our members and the members of the public who supported our efforts.

President of Marion Art Group Glenys Brokenshire (right) handing over the cheque to Parkinson’s S.A CEO Christine Belford (left)President of Marion Art Group Glenys Brokenshire (right) handing over the cheque to Parkinson’s S.A CEO Christine Belford (left), 2015.

Monies raised in the past are as follows . . .

2015 Parkinson’s S.A  =  $1,300.00

2014  Multiple Sclerosis   =  $1,000.00

2013  Acquired Brain Injury group   =  $1,260.00

2012  Juvenile Arthritis    =    $1,300.00

These are just some of the recent donations made by Marion Art Group to various charitable organizations.