Margie Hussien

Margie Hussien was a potter for many years supplying galleries and gift shops before she retired. She also worked part time as an instructor for T.A.F.E. in their art and ceramics department. It was here that Margie began to combine clay and texture with her teaching of painting and drawing.

Retirement enabled Margie to further explore her art, using different mediums to create texture and tone. She finds the Marion Art Group stimulating, and says working in a group environment helps her to broaden her scope and develop ideas. While she enjoys painting large works and building explosions of colour on a canvas, Margie can also paint with realism using watercolour, acrylic, charcoal, pastel, or combinations of these in her work.

Margie says observations of nature play a big role in developing a painting, as the colours and texture are already there to inspire an artist to create their own design on canvas. She believes an artist should be free to explore all creative avenues to fulfill his or her potential.