Glenys Brokenshire

Glenys Brokenshire describes herself as someone with little training in art, but heaps of enthusiasm.

She has always enjoyed drawing, and at school she illustrated homework exercises for her classmates in exchange for bubble gum.

Glenys works in several media – acrylic, watercolour, pencil, and pen and wash. She enjoys experimenting with materials, and drawing or painting ‘different’ subjects. She says it’s a bonus if someone else enjoys it enough to buy it, as she prefers to paint for enjoyment, not to a formula. She believes there is no right or wrong way to paint, and it’s not so much the process but the end result which is important.

As a member of the Marion Art Group’s committee for many years, Glenys says she feels the group is innovative, vibrant and centred on the ongoing development of the group. She loves the atmosphere there, especially the way members share their ideas and knowledge.