Exhibitions 2019


Permanent Exhibition – Kingston Family Clinic

A  permanent display of paintings by a cross-section of our members is at the Kingston Family Clinic, 540 Brighton Road, Brighton. Members of the public can drop in to view this very interesting little exhibition. Perhaps you visit your doctor regularly there!  Enjoy our work and take your mind off  your health issues!  Paintings are for sale and 20% goes to CanDoForKids. The exhibition changes every 3 or 4 months.

Flagstaff Hill Rotary Art Show – We again enjoyed a great exhibition which we first contributed to, as a group, in 2017. This year 27 MAG artists entered the exhibition and a further 5 joined 13 of those 27 artists, in contributing to the basket of 130 ‘unframed’ paintings in our special baskets.  15 MAG paintings sold off the screens which accounted for 24% off all paintings sold from the screens, throughout the exhibition. A further 37 MAG ‘unframed’ paintings  were also sold. 18 of our members made significant contributions to the running of the exhibition: helping Rotarians with accepting and hanging paintings, selling raffle tickets, and demonstrating to the public on two occasions throughout the week. Lee-Anne Klings donated painting for raffle was a big focus for patrons as they walked in the front doors.

MAG does SALA@ Bayside. This to take place at the Bayside Village Shopping Centre, corner Jetty Road and Brighton Road, Glenelg. Monday 5th August to Sunday 18th August. This will be our second effort to do a SALA Exhibition. After great success with our inaugural SALA event at our Mariono Community Hall and with our Bayside Village Exhibition in 2018, this year we are combining the two! More information to come.

Brighton Central Shopping Centre. Corner of  Jetty Road and Brighton Road, Brighton. This will be another two week exhibition 14th -27th October. More details to follow.