Christine Creese

From an early age Christine enjoyed drawing. When she was fourteen she won a scholarship to the Coventry Art College. Her ambition was to be a dress designer but family moves prevented her continued study.

As an adult she went to Sturt Teachers College and majored in art. Her tutor was Tom Gleghorn. She took life drawing sessions and did a design course at O’Halloron Hill Tech in her spare time. She exhibited her at local wineries and sold many. Life became to busy and painting stopped for a long time.

When she retired she began to paint but felt the need to join a group. She saw an exhibition by the Marion Art Group and enquired to join. She says it is the best thing she could have done. She loves being with people who are creative and inspirational. She She discovered watercolour only last years and now says it is her favourite medium. The group has given her enthusiasm to explore many different subjects to paint and motivation to exhibit again.